couple embraces at Dead Horse Point Overlook sunset elopement

Dead Horse Point Overlook: A Romantic Wedding in Moab

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Your wedding day doesn’t have to be over until you say it is. For these two, it was so important that they scheduled time together throughout their day. They knew that couples often miss getting to spend the day together so they expressed, “we knew we didn’t want to leave each other’s sides.” Instead, they found even more time together by splitting their day into a two-part Moab adventure! Follow their experience from a Red Earth Venue wedding day to sunset at Dead Horse Point Overlook.

couple embraces at Dead Horse Point Overlook sunset elopement

About These Two & Their People

couple exchanges vows at The Red Earth Venue wedding

Kort & Quinney’s (Kortney and Alexis) wedding was an absolute dream. From the start you could tell that these two are very clearly madly in love. They are the sweetest couple and it was beautiful witnessing the love and respect they share with each other. There were lots of tears from both of them throughout the day. I felt like I was capturing them in their natural habitat even though they arrived from Portland for a destination wedding in Utah.

Quinney grew up in San Francisco, California, while Kort grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. They met at a sorority while in college together in Salt Lake City and that’s where they fell in love! The couple has been together now for 10 years and have a small Poodle mix named Riley who was also their ring bearer!

couple poses with dogs at The Red Earth Venue Moab wedding

Quinney shared, “we’ve always known we wanted to get married in Moab.” They spent their first year of dating in secret and got away together by frequently camping in southern Utah. Moab became a very special place for them as it felt like their first safe space where they could just be themselves.

wedding guests cheer with couple at The Red Earth Venue wedding

Kort & Quinney celebrated this by getting married at a Moab wedding venue alongside their loved ones followed by a Dead Horse Point Overlook adventure. The newlyweds shared that “it was so special how many people made the trek to Moab from all over the place. We were thrilled to show our friends and family such a beautiful and meaningful place. It was a reminder of how loved we are and how much support we have, that’s something we never want to forget.”

PART ONE: A Wedding Day at The Red Earth Venue in Moab

couple holds hands at Moab sunset elopment

After finding Red Earth on Instagram, that was basically it for them. As Quinney explained, “I knew I would never find a better spot for us. I found it back in 2022 and the building wasn’t even there, so to watch their Instagram story updates and see it come together was SO COOL. It was like they were building it for us.”

Another way the couple was intentional about their wedding day decisions was doing a first look and private vows before the ceremony. Quinney explained, “it was such a good decision too, we loved getting to see each other before everyone else.”

couple exchanges vows at Moab desert elopement

This day ran extremely smoothly thanks to a great group of selected vendors including my wife’s wedding coordinator company. Hannah and I both felt so lucky that this couple chose us to help out with their big day at Red Earth! After building this team, the next great decision that they made was dividing their wedding between two days.

couple poses with wedding photographer and coordinator

PART TWO: Dead Horse Point Overlook Adventure Session

couple sits at Dead Horse Point Overlook sunset elopement

After their amazing wedding day, we weren’t done yet! Their Moab desert adventures took place at Dead Horse Point State Park two days after their wedding. Unlike the Moab Utah national parks, this state park is way less crowded and the views are arguably much better. It’s about a 25-minute drive from the venue and 40 minutes outside of town.

It was rather cold and windy in the early spring weather at the Dead Horse Point Overlook but we still had lots of fun. Capturing these two at a Dead Horse Point State Park sunset was the perfect fit!

The couple loves both traveling and experiencing new things together. They shared how their adventure experiences began, “we spent college camping all over Utah, moved to Southern California for a new experience together, then after the quarantine hit, we sold our cars and renovated a van to travel the United States. We have loved exploring all over the place where we live in Portland, Oregon as well.”

couple lies on blanket together

Tied Together Through Design: The Red Earth Venue & Dead Horse Point Overlook in Moab

wedding details and invitation suite flat lay
disco balls wedding decor

Everything about Kort & Quinney’s wedding experience was completely intentional and representative of their story. This even included their wedding colors and design, a celestial wedding theme of navy blue for the night sky and disco balls for stars. Added to this were touches of desert boho decor through pampas grasses.

Quinney shared the related story: “there was one night when we saw five shooting stars while camping in Moab. We ended up having all those wishes come true so far with our marriage being the most important one. We got married on our 10-year anniversary under the same night sky as our first kiss. It was a full circle moment for sure!”

Whether it’s a one-day or multi-day adventure like this one, I love coming along for the ride to capture some bangers!

Tell me about the location of your dreams that’s part of your own love story!

Wedding Vendors

Photographer | Matt Davidson Photography
Venue | The Red Earth Venue
Coordination | Red Earth Events
HMUA | Lindsey Vaccaro Bridal Design
DJ | Sam King
Videography | Curtis Jensen Films
Catering | El Local Taco Truck
Transportation | Dual Sport Utah