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Pros & Cons of Before or After Wedding Couples Adventure Sessions

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I highly value adventure sessions as a crucial part of your wedding experience. That’s why I decided to make it easy by including these additional portrait sessions in two of my Moab elopement packages. See how we can extend your Moab destination wedding through a couples adventure!

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The Pros and Cons of Before or After Couples Adventure Sessions

couple sits on overlook at sunset Moab elopement

A question I hear often from my couples is whether to do your adventure ideas before or after the wedding day. The decision is completely up to you, and there are pros and cons to both:


  • It’s a great way to shake off some of the wedding day nerves.
couple does first look at Moab elopement
  • You’ll learn how I operate and know what to expect from me on the wedding day.
  • We’ll already have tons of bangers before the wedding day even begins!
couple sits at Moab sunset overlook


  • It would break the tradition of not seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.
  • The train of the dress will get a little dirty. Although, this can be considered a pro for a lot of my brides! The dirt creates a cool “Moab Ombre” look to the dress and my adventurous brides love it!
  • It can take away from the guest experience you provide before the wedding if you have a fun-filled list of Moab, Utah things to do.
  • The florals won’t be ready, so we won’t be able to capture the wedding bouquet or boutonniere.
couple stands at overlook for Moab desert elopement


My couples typically do a day-before wedding photoshoot incorporating a first look and private vows. This covers a lot of bases when you are having a more traditional wedding instead of a Moab elopement. A couples adventure session allows us to incorporate the non-traditional elopement elements while sticking to your wedding day plans. The day-before session is my own personal preference because of these benefits.

couple poses with Jeeps at Moab sunset desert elopement

Chelsea and Paul chose a couples adventure shoot the day before their wedding. These two are “Jeepers” so we incorporated their Jeeps into the first pre-wedding photography spot. We had the time to travel to two different desert wedding locations!

couple poses with Jeeps at Moab sunset desert elopement


  • Sticks with the tradition of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.
  • Or we can still do a first look and private vows on the day.
  • The wedding florals can be included. 
  • Oftentimes, all your guests have already left town so you’ll feel zero pressure about losing time with them. 
  • We can finish the shoot with a last dance as the sun sets.
couple walks holding hands at Moab sunset desert elopement


  • I always recommend capturing your couples adventure at least two days afterward to leave room for any potential hangover symptoms.
  • There may not be enough time if you’re trying to leave Moab for home or your honeymoon the day after the wedding.
  • It doesn’t happen often, but there is always a chance the dress or suit will have drink stains from the previous night of partying.


couple kisses at Moab sunset desert elopement

This session is typically the couple’s last wedding activity before heading back home or off to their honeymoon. It is a very beautiful way to end your wedding weekend or even extend it if you’re honeymooning in your destination wedding location.

Kate and Will did their Moab desert adventures two days after the wedding. We had the time to visit three different locations across the Canyonlands National Park map. The day ended with a last dance at sunset. It was amazing photographing these two basking in the warmth of the sun as it dipped below the horizon.

couple holds hands at Moab sunset desert elopement

Whether we do your Moab adventure first or last, lengthening it to multiple days will always allow you to experience your wedding to the fullest. The Moab desert naturally lends itself to a couples adventure as you’re surrounded by beautiful locations!

We can talk through the couples adventure options that are the best fit for you!

couple sits on ledge watching Moab desert sunset
couple kisses at sunset elopement